Performance exercise 1:
Suspended Chord resolution

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Suspended Chord Resolution

Note the chord voicing for a C suspended chord resolving to a C7 (b13b9).

Step 1. The first step in mastering this chord sequence is to practice the voicing in all keys, training fingers to recognize the quartal left hand voicing while playing a perfect fifth with the right hand.

suspended chord resolution example 1

Step 2. Practice the five-note melodic line derived from the G-dorian mode. Play this sequence in all keys with the appropriate left-hand quartal voicings.

Step 3. Create a melody to connect the suspended chord to the dominant chord. As above, this contrapuntal phrase should be memorized and played in all keys. Note that some of these voicings will sound better played an octave higher (or lower, depending on where you begin). Experiment with these locations and determine the ones that best capture what you hear–and want to say.